Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Our leading thermographic technology.

The Thermographic Bullet Camera, designed to measure the temperature of up to 30 people simultaneously using its integrated Artificial Intelligence technology.

A Black Body which is a calibration device that helps regulate the temperature of the camera in order to give precise temperature readings.

Our Network Video Recorder or NVR, a hardware programmed to use face detection in combination with thermographic sensor technology in order to match an individual's face to their temperature. 

Our Thermographic Wrist Kit uses a non-contact approach to detect human body temperature in 0.2 second with an accuracy of 99%. 

The facial recognition terminal can instantly recognize and register incoming individuals. It also sends out alarms when the individual is not wearing a mask or has unusually high body temperature.

The wrist temperature measurement and facial recognition unit enable business owners and facility managers to identify people with abnormally high body temperatures in order to keep them outside the building. These features significantly reduce the risk of exposure to bacteria and germs. 

We are proud to present business owners and facility managers the tools to protect their customers, employees and in the end their business. If you are a Lighting Agency or Distributor interested in seeing how our product works we are currently offering webinars and live demos so you see first hand how thermographic technology works. 

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